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    We believe in human connections.

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    Partnership Program

    You're not just agents, you're people in our community.


    Helping People Find Their Best Neighborhoods

  • Real Relationships, Real Leads.

    With a world of algorithms, likes, and followers, we aim to strengthen real-life communities. Homads connects people to homes, neighborhoods, and the communities most important to them. We're you're relocation specialist that lives on your phone.


    We believe real estate is a relationship-based industry and created Homads to help you build and nurture those connections. We cut out the boring work and let you spend time on serious leads.

    3,000 Site Visitors A Month

    Majority of our users are people relocating to the city and don't have a trusted realtor yet.

    40% of Users Want To Buy A Home

    We're helping them learn their neighborhoods and know what they love and want.

    15% Need Help Finding An Annual Lease

    Get to know the 160 people who move to Austin everyday and be their trusted realtor.

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    Houston, Texas

    Realtors and local businesses

    Coming January 2020

    Dallas, Texas

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    Coming 2020

    San Antonio

    Realtors and local businesses

    Coming 2020

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Realtors and local businesses

    Coming 2020